About Mitsuyoshi Restaurant

Mitsuyoshi Restaurant - where East meets West

Mitsuyoshi Sake SelectionMitsuyoshi Restaurant offers authentic yet contemporary Japanese cuisine in a simple and calming dining atmosphere. Over the years, our chef has perfected each dish on the menu to create a tasteful selection of enjoyable Japanese dishes.

Mitsuyoshi Sushi Bar“Mitusyoshi Hakusaizuke”—homemade pickled nappa cabbage—is well known for its delectable taste and has been our signature item since the restaurant's inception. Over the following years, Mitsuyoshi Restaurant began a number of its original items, including the famous Mitsuyoshi Teriyaki Sauce, Salad Dressing, and now the excellent Mitsuyoshi Label Tokubetsu Honjozo Sake.

We always welcome you sincerely.

Mitsuyoshi Restaurant is located:

  • 10 minutes from Disneyland
  • 5 minutes from Knot’s Berry Firm
  • 6 minutes from the Wax Museum
  • 15 minutes from South Coast Plaza